HOOLIRUN #9: the Cingan Time

Una eccezionale esperienza, così esco dal round con coach Iacopo Brasi. Avevo visto giusto quando si era materializzata dinanzi a me una devozione così naturale e spontanea verso la corsa. Quando racconta la sua crescita accademica, quando parla della sliding door che lo ha portato fino in Uganda, quando con parole quasi paterne parla deiContinua a leggere “HOOLIRUN #9: the Cingan Time”

Nasego 2020, loading battery . . . !

Competition format under rev. but for October hopes to see the mountain running show on the Savallese hills are growing. Registration will reopen on 1st September and all the details regarding the new program of the event will be communicated! With a recent press release, the new dates for the 2020 federal mountain running championshipsContinua a leggere “Nasego 2020, loading battery . . . !”

Thanks a lot, but I rank by myself

Itra Points, Skyrunner World Series, WMRA World Cup and many more. Nobody can state to own the ultimate and foolproof world ranking in off-road run, because off-road run is an abstract science still living its paleolithic age. Secret should be to select races upon which build the ranking, by fair and technically verified criteria, butContinua a leggere “Thanks a lot, but I rank by myself”