welsh witch running on TERREX

looney red sheep Heidi Davies introduces some models from adidas TERREX trail running collection.

High quality and high performances, let’s see what’s on the grill:


As with a lot of the adidas TERREX range of shoes and clothing, these trainers are coloured from a special dye process which makes them more ecological. This means every time you slip on a pair you know your shoe choice is not only one of the best trail running shoes on the market but it really cares for the trails and the earth on which you run.

The ARGAVIC TERREX Trail Running Shoes with the BOA System are light with a wide toe box including reinforced toe protection. This is then followed by a series of overlays which are all pulled together by the BOA lacing system.

The BOA lacing system combined with the sock liner makes these shoes so easy to slip on and off and immediately feel like part of your feet.

Cushioning comes from the adidas Boost technology and you can really feel how the structure also mirrors the quality of the adidas road shoes. This cushioning means these shoes are probably more suited for longer days in the mountains. The outsole is made from the famous Continental Rubber and whilst maybe this lacks the lugs for running through mud, the performance on hard packed trails is outstanding. The grip is excellent, even on wet rock.


The TERREX ARGAVIC XT Trail Running Shoes are designed to be the most cushioned shoe in the adidas TERREX range.

Like the ARGAVIC BOA these shoes contain the adidas Boost technology with a thicker mid sole resulting in a more comfortable and cushioned ride over longer distances. The technologies behind this midsole are actually a combination of the proven EVA materials and the Boost Boost technology with its TPU pellets. These two combined materials are recommended to absorb shocks and make even the rockiest of terrain feel smooth.

The lacing of these shoes is traditional with a no-tongue design, making them easy to slip on and slip off. The heel tab pull reinforces this. So for those who perhaps are used to a more traditional shoe rather than the technologies of the BOA, these trainers are optimal for a quick and easy no stress preparation before a long day in the mountains.

Again these shoes contain the outsole from the Continental Rubber making even the rainy mountain days problem free with no worries of slipping or sliding.

A smooth natural ride that feels like part of your feet thanks to the multiple overlays and a sock liner giving an exceptional fit, what’s not to love.


The perfect shoe for the classic mountain races, light, fast and tones of grip. The clue is in the name “Speed”!

This is the most minimal shoe in the adidas TERREX range of trail running shoes. They are thin, light, low to the ground and highly sensitive. You can really feel a connection to where you place your feet when you run in these shoes and really feel like you can dance over the terrain. There is very little protective foam underfoot so these shoes are probably more suitable for smooth rather than rocky trails, however the toe bumper provides some protection.

Theses shoes again contain the amazing grip of the Continental Rubber so come race day you will know you have the best chance of being aggressive from the ground up.

What these shoes are lacking in cushioning, they make up for in lightness and sensitivity to the ground. A smooth stable ride even if part of your run or race contains a road section. The minimalism feel and the light and fast concept shine through when you have a pair of these on your feet.

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