Nasego 2020, loading battery . . . !

Competition format under rev. but for October hopes to see the mountain running show on the Savallese hills are growing.

winning nasego and crying

Registration will reopen on 1st September and all the details regarding the new program of the event will be communicated!

With a recent press release, the new dates for the 2020 federal mountain running championships have been made official. The re-plan of Italian mountain running for the unfortunate 2020 season passes through the historical bastions of the discipline that responded “HERE WE ARE“.

Malonno for the relay youth championships, Stellina for the classic individual of all categories and then the Italian Kilometro Verticale championship at Chiavenna Lagunc set for 11 October and Vanoni at the end of October, for the season’s grand finale with the relay absolute.

Of course, as already announced, the two dates at the beginning of October also remain confirmed, among which the weekend of Nasego stands out on 3 and 4, which will propose the Vertical and then the Nasego Trophy valid for the Italian Long Distance 2020 Title.

If we are talking about great cathedrals of mountain running, Casto is among them, with a recent history of formidable successes from an organizational point of view. With great satisfaction, the team composed BY ABCF Comero and Atletica Valli Bergamasche has recorded the federal note for which the national champs locations of 2020 will be safeguarded also for next year.

For the entire 2020 italian project of mountain running, the crucial junction becomes the format of the event at this point.

At the center of this Nasego 2020 there will inevitably be competition, an essential element to be able to offer athletes the possibility to compete. The stages of approach will be timed by continuous audits of government provisions with particular monitoring of the directives regarding sporting events.

With the start of the football championship on June 13 many things will be understood and enough time remains to prepare everything better.

Certainly the conviviality and the spirit of a great party and show that distinguished (and will distinguish) the Nasego are in strong doubt for this edition, but not the race.

With ease the existing protocols will require a year of stop for the big party under the tent of Famea, but on the other hand the technical contents of the races will be of a high level and for the organizing committee the challenge is to work hard to find the right solutions to bring as many people down on the course as possible, bringing them closer to the territory, promoting the rediscovery of various points of a spectacular route that has given really exciting challenges in recent years, all promoting safety and that social distancing that is really hard to digest but which today is an indispensable measure to defeat the nightmare.

Lucy Wu – the 2019 winner

The organizing committee will continue to update the road-map towards 3 and 4 October, communicating any changes or news in the format and provisions, all with a reference date, the 1st September 2020 in which registrations will be officially reopened and the new regulation will be communicated with the most relevant updates to the race, program, prize money, etc.

All athletes and interested parties are invited to monitor the official website of the event in the coming months:

dowload pics of 2019 edition (free use – credit Damiano Benedetto e Marco Gulberti):

Vertical Nasego Benedetto:

Vertical Nasego Gulberti

Trofeo Nasego Benedetto:

Trofeo Nasego Gulberti: 

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