Thanks a lot, but I rank by myself

Itra Points, Skyrunner World Series, WMRA World Cup and many more. Nobody can state to own the ultimate and foolproof world ranking in off-road run, because off-road run is an abstract science still living its paleolithic age.

Pablo Vigil signed my book in 2016, was a huge feeling for me #legend
A page of my moleskine, signed by Pablo Vigil . . . Zinal’s legend 4ever&ever

Secret should be to select races upon which build the ranking, by fair and technically verified criteria, but even in that which I consider the best one and the most complete, the ITRA ranking, something is missing.

WMRA had a big chance to cooperate with IAAF (today World Athletics) but ideas were too confused and wills not strong enough. This brought to a great loss, and even the World Cup Rank, that could be a good solution, lost huge part of its credibility due to poor decisions in the 2019 calendar (‘cause 2020 is still a mystery, ­čÖü shame on them), bad influence by the so called “world champion” (not mine champion for sure) and ridiculous support by organizers.

To be very clear: we live in a world in which the best athletes may not have the chance to reach world champs location, because of money, phantom national federation, visa, politics . . . essentially: SHIT

SWS has its own rank, closed to their series races, sharply updated and clearly communicated. It’s limited at this speciality of skyrunning but does absolutely have a sense.

The 2019 ranks of skyrunning

At final I decided to play my game, except for ITRA which should be finally seen as the only World Ranking and i look at it quite often, I love to note on my Moleskine the trends, the rumors, especially results and thoughts of mountain runners which I meet during the season, and when I think at the best races, with best traditions, with long history, then I find my top ranked, and Ball don’t Lie ! (cit. Rasheed Wallace)