The typical Canarian drink is Rum, in various aging, even with some fruity deviations such as “green manzana” or the “melocoton”, the most appetizing one? No doubt, the “Ron Miel”. No, I am not already stoned, I was trying to imagine which elixir could help me to dissipate the great confusion that is already grippingContinua a leggere “RON MIEL”

Robbie Simpson . . he is the first

It’s Robbie to help me to show you how my new blog works, it’s Robbie because he is one of my heroes, and he’s climbing my ideal world-ranking since many years…just being himself, fighting on the mountain-tracks and working to become a better athlete and achieve his dreams. it’s a sports-blog, it’s about myContinua a leggere “Robbie Simpson . . he is the first”